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With the backpack on our back, we will travel with them 32 states learning about history and culture.


Every week, celebrating the centenary of Charros de Jalisco. 1920-2021

Fer y Caro

A marriage of Chefs. He, a specialist in salty, she in sweet. Enjoy the best recipes.

La vida en México

Correspondents who will share with us the best cultural, musical and sports topics.

México Mágico

Tour full of art, textiles, handicrafts, museums that create a cultural puzzle of Mexico.

Mitos y Leyendas

In every town in Mexico there is a fable or legend that is part of our culture.

Ruta Gastronómica

Tour of the best cuisines in the country, with recipes and dishes from each region.

Charla con Yordi

A new concept of interview, visiting unknown places, but with known people.

Liga premier

The best alternative with high quality professional players, with 70 years of tradition in Mexican soccer.

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